Lower CO River
Impact of Mudslides on Trout Habitat
In the last couple of months, mudslides across Colorado have filled our fisheries with sediment and debris impacting current and future generations of trout.
FlyGolf Rules
FlyGolf Rules
A list of rules for Fly Golf and the FlyGolf Tournament hosted by FlyCast and Mystic Fly Rods.
Fly Golf Tournament: Hosted by FlyCast and Mystic Outdoors
FlyGolf Tournament
Players will take part in a 9 hole course and compete for the lowest score as well as a shot at the grand prize (see above) provided by Mystic Outdoors. 50% of the proceeds from this tournament will be donated to our partners at The Mayfly Project.
Colorado Float
Tips for Float Fishing
While there are a number of advantages that go along with float fishing, we thoroughly understand that there is a bit of a learning curve to get up to speed. As such, we’ll walk you through a few tips and tricks for success when it comes to float fishing.
Colorado River Runoff
Not All Flows are Created Equal
Daily fluctuations in flow are common and even though flows may be in the prescribed “ideal range”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good, right now. This leads us to our point that not all flows are created equal.
Waterton Canyon
FlyCast Lite River Reports
In the spirit of community and complete transparency, we’re excited to announce the release of our Lite Rivers Reporting Program!
Spring Fishing - off colored water
Spring Fly Fishing: How to Anticipate Runoff and Make Necessary Adjustments
Spring fly fishing is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. One day you’re fishing dry flies on a 70-degree day and four days later you may be dredging deep pools while it snows.
Redds blog
Spring Rainbow Trout Spawn; How to Conserve & Ethically Fish it
Spring is one of the more productive seasons to fish! While fly fishing in the spring has its advantages, it is also a crucial time for rainbow and cutthroat trout as they begin to reproduce