Have you ever spent more time changing flies than actually fishing? You know how to fish, but do you know which rivers to hit, or better yet, where on the river to fish? We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve presented a near perfect cast in a pristine hole to be out-smarted by a fish. Bottom line, fish are smart and often picky. Fly selection and timing become imperative, as they quickly adjust to their environment. FlyCast limits those unknowns with dynamic, weekly summaries and daily updates that offer the where, what, when, why and how of fly fishing.

FlyCast is a dynamic forecasting model that provides up-to-date and forward-looking fly fishing and river conditions for fishermen of all skill sets. While traditional fishing reports give us a sense of how the river fished a week, or even a month ago, FlyCast’s daily forecast provides in-depth analyses on Colorado’s hottest fishing holes. Uncertainty torments every fisherman, but with the right tools, we can put more fish in the net. FlyCast equips you with the information you need to be prepared in any situation. Rain, snow, or shine, there’s never a wrong time to fish.

FlyCast started with a passion for fly fishing that quickly became an addiction which, on a number of occasions, challenged our priorities to wives and girlfriends. Potential resentment aside, our devotion to the sport uncovered a problem for which we strongly believe could be answered. Who is to say you never know which flies are working today and which aren’t? Why can’t we be more prepared even before we set foot in our wading boots? And, finally, why is it so freaking hard to get our hands on an up-to-date fishing report? Our natural tendency to question everything and analytical backgrounds led to some of the first iterations of FlyCast. Do we always have to look to the past in order to hope for a good fishing day? Or, could we gather data that set us up for better success on the river?

- Taylor & Travis