Runoff - 2020
Tips for Fishing Run-Off
High water season is here and while it really snuck up on us, by no means do you need to hang up your waders. Read more for tips on fishing run-off.
Fly Depth
The Importance of Depth: How and When to Fish Different Water Columns
When it comes to having a successful day on the river, there are many factors to take into account. However, fly depth is often overlooked, but crucial to success.
COVID-19 Restrictions on Colorado Fly Fishing
At this stage in the COVID-19 pandemic, shelter-in-place orders have extended through the end of April, limiting individuals to essential travel only.
Alpine Lakes
What You Need to Know Before Fishing Alpine Lakes
If you are searching for that hidden gem that is not visited by a lot of anglers, plan a hike to fish an alpine lake. This article will go over some of the basics that you will need to know and prepare for your alpine lake experience.
Sight Fishing
Tips for Sight Fishing Trout
Sight fishing will improve your game dramatically. For starters, if you can see the fish, you automatically know you’re not wasting your time on empty water. While it might sound obvious, there are a number of tricks that will help see more fish.
Tips to land more trout
10 Tips to Catch More Trout
As avid fly fisherman, we’ve had days on the river where we catch so many trout, we lose count and we’ve had days when we are convinced that there are no trout in the river. Regardless of which you identify with most, here are a few slumbuster tips.
Outing at the Troutlets
Outing at the Troutlets (Blue River)
The Blue River below the Dillon Dam can be a fickle beast, but is highly regarded for its beefy mysis shrimp eating bows and year-round fishing. While it can be even more challenging in the winter, it is one of our favorite times to fish.
Winter Clinic with CTH
Second Annual Winter Fly Fishing Clinic with Colorado Trout Hunters and FlyCast
We had such a great time last year meeting new anglers and helping them land trout in difficult winter conditions that we couldn't resist doing it again! Join us for our second annual winter fly fishing clinic with Colorado Trout Hunters