Tips for Fly Fishing in the Wind
Like most anglers, we prefer to not fish in high winds but it’s never something that will keep us off the river. If you are willing to adapt and make adjustments, chances are you’ll have the river to yourself and actually have a fun and productive day.
FlyCast Rig
FlyCast's Winter Fly Fishing Tackle & Set-up
By now we’ve made a point to inform you about the many nuances of winter fly fishing and the tactics that go along with it. However, we wouldn’t be doing you justice if we didn’t make a few recommendations around the type of gear we use.
Why You Should Avoid Your Honey Hole
No one likes to get skunked and our honey hole provides us with a sense of comfort that we won’t drive home disappointed. While it’s great to have that security blanket, we’ve come to realize that there are downsides to constantly fishing your honey hole.
flycast home page
FlyCast Facelift: How to navigate our new website
If you haven’t noticed, FlyCast recently got a major facelift in the form of a new and improved website.
barometric pressure cheat sheet
The Fly Fisherman's Cheat Sheet for Barometric Pressure
In this blog we’ve put together a quick and simple reference tool for understanding how to approach your day on the water given various weather patterns and barometric pressure levels.
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8 Must Have Flies for Winter
For the next few months, midges will be the primary bug species in our rivers and creeks. To help you stock up on the winter essentials, here are eight must have patterns for winter fly fishing.
Transition months blog - Nov 16, 2020
Fall Fly Fishing & Tips for Transitioning Into Winter
Fall is one of the best times of the year to fly fish in the western US as there are a number of prolific hatches and eager trout. Here, we’ll get into what’s changed as fall comes to an end and trout prepare themselves for winter and conservation mode.
Fly Fishing and Mental Health: Interview with Jennings Hester of Fishing the Good Fight
There are good fly fishing companies and there are fly fishing companies that do good. Fishing the Good Fight falls under both categories. Read our interview with Founder Jennings Hester for more info.