Swing 1
The Swing and Trout Waltz (Swinging for Trout on the Fly)
Colorado rivers have become a technical nightmare lately, especially for anglers just getting into the sport. Fishing the local waters near Colorado Springs has become a 6x tippet and size 24 midge game at certain times of the year and it very much create
Fishing for Kokanee Salmon in Colorado
The emphasis of this blog is to enlighten anglers on the proper ethics and laws when fishing for kokanee, and some techniques to help you enjoy fishing during the kokanee spawn.
fly fishing with kids
Tips for Fishing with Babies and Toddlers
To help and encourage new parent anglers to take this leap, we pulled together some tips that we’ve learned along the way and also tapped on some angler parents that have seemingly mastered the art of fishing with their little ones.
South Platte Stillwater Rainbow
South Park Stillwater Report & Background Information
With ice-off behind us, fishing South Park stillwaters is becoming more technical and unforgiving than the magical ice-off period. With that being said, there is still very productive fishing and great opportunities to hook a beefy lake residing trout.
Summer clinic
Fly Fishing Sustainability and Conservation Series
Follow along as we build upon a growing list of tips for preserving the fisheries we love and cherish.
Late Fall Streamer Fishing
Late Fall and Winter Fishing Tactics: How to Avoid Bobber Fatigue
While nymphing with small midge and baetis patterns is a staple during the late fall/winter, it’s by no means the only viable tactic. Streamers, dry flies and dry droppers still have a seat at the table but require minor adjustments to your approach.
journal blog
5 reasons to keep a fishing journal
To counter the effects of, what we’re calling, fly fishing fatigue, we’ve found that keeping a fishing journal has been highly effective. While it might sound like a pain at first, it is well worth your while.
Grey Reef Fly Fishing
How to Navigate and Adapt to New Rivers
No two rivers fish the same and learning a new river can be a challenge but if you consider some of the lessons we’ve learned over the years and apply them to your next fishing adventure, you’ll be sure to improve your odds of success.