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How to Improve Your Streamer Fishing Game
Fly fishing is like anything else in life, the more you learn, the more you realize how little you actually know. As such, here are a few of our top streamer fishing takeaways from our time on the water with AvidMax Fly Fishing.
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Top Patterns and Tips for Early Fall Hopper Fishing
To help you make the most of the fading hopper season, we put together our top tips for fishing hoppers and partnered with Anglers All to showcase some of their fan favorite patterns.
4 reasons to fish hopper droppers
4 Reasons to Fish a Dry Dropper
Dry dropper fishing is arguably one of the most fun and rewarding ways to fly fish. Combine aggressive surface eats with a stealthy nymph rig and you’ve got yourself one deadly combo. In this blog we'll help you understand why dry droppers are effective.
Line Management
How to Manage Your Fly Line
One of the things we observe new anglers struggle with the most is line management. Without proper management of your fly line, anglers will struggle to catch and land fish. Here are a few tips on line management.
How to select the right fly size
How to Select the Right Fly Size
With a number of new hatches materializing this summer, we’ve been thinking a lot about bugs and the flies that we use to imitate them. While choosing the right pattern is imperative to success, the size of said fly is equally important.
How to Catch 25 species of fish
How to Catch 25 Species in 2 Days: Our Mile-High 25 Journey
Alright, the title may be deceiving because we didn’t catch all 25 species during Anglers All’s, Mile High 25 competition, but our experience is worth sharing.
South Platte Flow Dynamics
Fly Fishing and the Flow Dynamics of the South Platte River Basin
The South Platte River Basin is a FlyCast favorite as it offers incredible fly fishing and flows through a diverse landscape all within driving distance of the Denver Metro area. Understanding flows among the system is imperative to success.
Colorado Trout Hunters Summer Fishing Clinic
Summer Fly Fishing Clinic with Colorado Trout Hunters and FlyCast
Join FlyCast and the Colorado Trout Hunters crew for a day on the water! Here you'll learn how to up your summer dry fly fishing game.