South Platte: Dream Stream

Weekly Overview:

February 24, 2020: 

  • Technicality: 4/5

  • Flows have held steady on the Dream Stream at 128 cfs. At this level, flows are 90 cfs above the historical level. Elevated flows have helped increase feeding and the bug menu. Anglers can get away with larger patterns when used as a lead fly. Mercury Pheasant Tails, Hares Ears, Two-bit Hookers and leeches are good examples. Below that, it’s all about #24-26 midge patterns. If you’re leading with a large attractor, trail it with a midge larva (blood midge, Miracle Midge, Rojo Midge) followed by an emerger/pupa (Top Secret, Mercury Midge, Chocolate Foam Wing). On warm afternoons, we’ve seen the streamer bite pick up, so if you’re down to throw meat, pack a few in your box before you head out. Trout will primarily hold in the pronounced pools, runs and along shelves but if air temps warm up in the afternoon, make sure to hit the tailouts, transition areas and outer seams.

  • Ideal Days to Fish: Monday, Thursday & Saturday

  • Suggested Flies:

    • Sub-surface: JuJu Baetis (#20-22), Chocolate Foam Wing Emerger (#22-24), RS2 (#20-22), Stalcup's Baetis (#20 - 22), Micro Mayfly (#20-22), WD 40 (#20-22), Mercury Pheasant Tail (#20 - 22), Guides Choice Hares Ear (#16-18), red Copper John (#18-20), Rainbow Warrior (#18-20), Top Secret Midge (#22-24), Mercury Midge (#22-24), Black Beauty (#22-26), Disco Midge (#22-24), Rojo Midge (#22-24, Mayer's Mini-Leech, San Juan Worm, black/olive Slumpbuster.

    • Surface: Parachute Adams (#20 - 24), Griffiths Gnat (#22 - 24).

      • Need flies for your trip? FlyCast has collaborated with our friends at Anglers All ​to package a dozen flies that are hot on the Dream Stream right now - Click here for hand selected flies

Credit: Colorado Division of Water Resources

Detailed River Info:


The Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area, A.K.A "Dream Stream", is situated between the Spinney Mountain and Eleven Mile Reservoirs south of Fairplay, Colorado. This section of the South Platte produces not only trophy worthy trout, but serene views and easy walk in access. 


Fishing this often crowded trophy tailwater can be tricky, especially as the winter progresses. However, as the Kokanee and Brown spawn has come to an end and temperatures continue to drop, the fair weather angler has hung up their waders and stored their rod until the spring. So if you can bear the brute of hand numbing temperatures and what often feels like tropical storm winds, you’re one step closer to a productive day on the Dream Stream. Don't be scared off, however, as the slow meandering water and open backdrop make for an easy cast and fly placement for anglers of all skill sets. Additionally, while colder weather often means sluggish fish, consistent water levels and temperature make for the ideal feeding environment regardless of the time of year.

River Access:

There are a number of ways to get to the Dream Stream. However, If you are coming from Denver, the most efficient route will be to take Highway 285 through Fairplay and continue onto CO-9 South.  Once you have reached Hartsel go east (left) on US-24 E then right on San Juan St, left on CO-RD 59 and finally, right onto Thirty nine mile Road. If you continue on to CO-9 (foregoing US-24 E), there are several parking lots that are visible from the road to the left.

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