Duncan Taylor


Shoutout to FlyCast who have been my guide to the rivers and weather since I started fly fishing a year and a half ago. It's uncanny how often I look at the clock while fishing and witness your predictions come true out on the South Platte, right on time... fish going deep at a certain time or bugs popping on schedule. Thanks to the guys at FlyCast for all that you do!

Kathryn Rau

Fort Collins, CO

My husband and I were blown away with the trip that Travis and Taylor helped us prepare. Not only was all the information they provided highly detailed but they are incredibly knowledgeable both on the water and off. They planned a trip to Lake George for us that was perfect! Between the lodging/camping options as well as areas to fish, their guidance was just what we needed! The trip was an absolute blast and it was easy to see they know their rivers well. The fly suggestions and fishing locations were spot-on and we spent several blissful days getting into large trout. Thank you both, you guys are awesome!



The Fly Cast Website fishing report is like no other I've read.  I don't know if there's a reason to read any how to fly fishing books when the explanation and information of these reports are spot on!   To mention the weather fronts, and not only what fly to use but "why" we're using them is such needed information. I don't know how I found this website, but am sure glad I did.  Last week when I first read the report for Deckers, I thought I would go out and try their recommendations and it worked.  I got into the double digits at Deckers, which is rare so I thought it might be a fluke, but I went out again yesterday and once again it was consistent fishing...even a guide asked me what I was using and I just said to him "Fly Cast Fishing Report"!  


These guys are great!

Tom C.

Castle Rock, CO

Your recommendations for flies to use and water levels of the stream were spot on for the Dream Stream. We used those to catch more fish on 7/30/19, on the Dream than ever before. You do fit a niche site that is not available today. Thanks so much!!

Dave E.

Denver, CO

The Flycast team is an outstanding group with a true passion for fly fishing. Their reports are consistently updated based on on-water feedback along with the best days of the week to help with you planning. I was also lucky enough to attend one of their winter fly fishing clinic and couldn't have asked for a better day.

Cody N.

Bailey, CO

The FlyCast team is an outstanding group with a true passion for fly fishing. Their reports are consistently updated based on on-water feedback along with the best days of the week to help with your planning. I was also lucky enough to attend one of their winter fly fishing clinics and couldn't have asked for a better day.

Denver H.

Longmont, CO

FlyCast seems to do it all. These guys are avid fisherman and they live by what they preach. The information on their website is always spot on, and has helped me become a better fly fisherman. They also offer a very informative winter fly fishing clinic in partnership with Colorado Trout Hunters. This is helpful to anglers of all skill levels that want to improve their winter fly fishing experience. I recommend the use of FlyCast fishing reports and forecasts as well as utilizing one of their clinics. The amount of information I learned during the clinic would have taken me a month or more by myself to learn. Thanks to Travis and Taylor from FlyCast as well as Danny from CTH, I was able to land two of the largest trout of my life!

Ryan R.

Colorado Springs, CO

For months, I searched fishing reports online for up-to-date information, only to be disappointed by vague monthly updates. Then I found FlyCast. Now, I use a calendar reminder every Thursday to check the flycast before my weekend fishing trips. The specific day-to-day reports on weather, flows, and hatch schedules have become an invaluable tool for helping me locate and land trout on the South Platte. The hard work that the FlyCast team puts in really shows, and I would highly recommend making it a part of your routine if you like to flyfish in Colorado. 

Scott V.


FlyCast fills a much needed niche in the fishing report arena. Now, instead of reading stale week-old reports, FlyCast gives me a daily read and detailed review of local rivers. So far they have been right on. I also appreciate analysis of which fishing day would be best as well as their fly selection advice. Whether you’re throwing sex dungeons at angry browns or enticing a Cheesman rainbow with a #22 midge, FlyCast delivers the goods. 

Nick L.

Denver, CO

Thank you, FlyCast, for the advice.  I hit the Arkansas and did fairly well through Leadville.  Water was low as expected. I also drove over to State Bridge and ended up hitting a PMD hatch which produced fantastic results. Thanks for everything, you guys are killing it!

Josh R.

Denver, CO

FlyCast routinely provides me with a detailed and accurate report of all of my favorite local fishing areas. I first tried FlyCast on a day trip to the Dream Stream during the Kokanee Spawn and Brown run. Using advice from FlyCast, I quickly found myself catching fish in areas that I might not have thought of prior to reading their river forecast. The fact that these forecast reports are specific to the day that I am fishing, I feel much more confident in their reports than some other websites using retrospective reports which can be outdated by weeks or even months. If you want the most current and relevant forcast for the areas you will be fishing that day, make sure you check our FlyCast's river forecast before you head out the door. 

Brad H.


My good buddy and fishing partner notified me of your updates on Grape Creek. Although @Reelcosby wasn't able to make it, I spent the weekend camped in the canyon and had an amazing time! Caught a heap of Brownies all between 8-12 inches. Just wanted to thank you for doing what you guys do!

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