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Ellen Ryon

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Ellen is a born hunter and angler. Growing up in Colorado and Kansas, she was no stranger to a shotgun and fishing rod. Once she made her move back to Colorado, she picked up a fly rod and needless to say she's a natural. Ellen is as persistent as they come and it's not uncommon for her to out fish the boys. Her favorite rivers to fish are Eleven Mile Canyon and the Upper Colorado.

Josh Ryon

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Josh is a Colorado native and a fly fishing addict. If he's not on the river, he's tying flies and building fly tying desks. While he frequently fishes the major Colorado rivers, he's loves to pick a part small mountain streams for brookies. His favorite rivers to fish are Eleven Mile Canyon and the Roaring Fork.

Max Pavel

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Max Pavel is a Colorado native who has more than 15 years of fly fishing experience under his belt. Since graduating college, he has become a Colorado and Alaska fly fishing guide. When he's not on the water, he's tying and selling flies. His favorite rivers to fish are the Colorado River and Gunnison River. His best fly fishing tip is to break down the river into grids and cover every section.

Gabe Foster

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Rob Herrmann

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Rob grew up fly fishing in Upstate New York. He made his way out to Colorado three years ago and dove headfirst into Colorado fly fishing. Rob wears many hats. He's an avid fly fisherman, nature photographer and a high school baseball coach. If you want to learn how to land gorgeous trout, spend a day on the water with this guy. His favorite rivers to fish are the South Platte River and the Upper Colorado. 

Taylor Moulton

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Taylor Moulton may not be old enough to drink a beer, but this kid can fish! Growing up in Colorado Springs, he had incredible rivers out his backdoor allowing him to progress at an incredible rate. He's a certified fly fishing guide and carries more excitement on the water than we've ever seen. His favorite rivers to fish are Eleven Mile Canyon and Cheesman Canyon.

When Gabe isn't playing baseball, you'll find him fishing or bird hunting. Living in the Vail Valley, Gabe knows the Eagle and Colorado River like the back of his hand. Having these two incredible rivers out his back door, Gabe plays a huge role in keeping our Eagle and Colorado River reports fresh. In addition to FlyCast, Gabe is also an Ambassador for Vail Valley Anglers. To no surprise, his favorite river to fish is the Eagle River.

FlyCast Team

Taylor Cavey

Taylor is the co-founder of FlyCast and self-dubbed CFFO (chief fly fishing officer). Having grown up in Evergreen Colorado and spending countless hours on the river, Taylor has developed a hopeless addiction to fly fishing. He has a passion for big data and analytics. Using his extensive fly fishing knowledge and modeling experience he has aided in building out FlyCast's proprietary fly fishing forecast model for a growing list of Colorado rivers. 

Travis Coe

Travis is a Colorado Native and a self diagnosed trout junkie. As co-founder of FlyCast, Travis focuses on the marketing side of the business as well as the continued development of services. Aside from his serious fly fishing addiction, he holds a degree in Economics, which sparked a strong desire to analyze data and dissect patterns and trends. This passion pushed him to become a student to the sport of fly fishing and utilize his natural, analytical thinking while on the river. 

Chris Bowen

Chris Bowen is the lead data engineer and chief of all things technology. His core responsibilities include process improvement, sourcing and scrubbing data, and automation of flows and forecasts. His extensive background in database management and best of practice technological mindset makes him an invaluable asset to the FlyCast team and community. When he's not sifting through and making sense of piles of data, he likes to spend his time hiking and tasting unique beers. 

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