The Tale of The "Go Bag" On the South Platte

It was a cold February morning and the crew was loaded up in the car with bright ambitions for a productive day on the Dream Stream. Travis, Josh and I hit the road early as it is imperative to stake your claim at one of Colorado’s more crowded fishing destinations. While it is no Deckers, the crowds can be a huge nuisance. I can’t tell you how many times I have been fishing the Dream and some disgrace of a fisherman walks through my hole or proceeds to fish it instead. I digress. That’s neither here nor there. On our way to the river, we conversed over the usual topics: where our next big fishing trip would be, favorite trucks, when Josh was going to pull the trigger and ask his now fiance to marry him and finally, Josh’s “go bag”. Ohh the “go bag”. Josh usually does most of the talking which is fine by me, but when he gets on a roll man it doesn’t stop. So the “go bag”, as Josh describes it, is an old army bag his grandfather gifted him that holds all of his fishing gear, waders, boots, rod, reel, net you name it and the “go bag” has it. Josh was ranting and raving over his all-encompassing fishing bag and just how easy it was for him to get ready that morning. Sounds like your usual fishing bag right? Well, not quite.

We were about three quarters of the way to the Dream Stream, or roughly 30 minutes out, and Josh gets the sense that something is missing from his beloved go bag. “Damn it”, Josh exclaimed. He was missing his fly rod! It was tough to fight the laughter, but Travis and I held back for the most part as we pictured ourselves in his position. Since it was out of the question to turn around at this point and neither Travis nor I had brought an extra rod, we offered to share ours with him. Josh wasn’t thrilled with the idea, but he managed to hide his pain as we neared the Charlie Meyers State Wildlife Area Parking lot.

We began pulling gear out of the car and alas, there was an extra rod. The rod however, was a pink spinner rod no more than three feet in length. Josh proceeded to rig up his fly reel to the pretty pink rod and fish it. Trav and I got quite the kick out of this and laughed a good deal, but Josh was determined to make the best of a crummy situation. After an hour or so on the water, Josh hooks into a fish. I was amazed to say the least. Not only were we fishing for picky fish, but he was using a jerry-rigged princess rod!

By the end of the day, Josh had caught two fish to Trav and I's combined one. Yes, Trav and I were out fished by the numskull who forgot his rod and made due with spinner/fly rod combo. We learned something that day and it wasn’t that pink princess rods are the key to success, but rather in every situation, be it fishing or life in general, it always pays off to have a good attitude. We had a blast and I will always remember the day where a positive attitude and a little ingenuity beat out high performance gear.

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