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Fall day on the South Platte in Deckers

River Spotlight:

Eleven Mile 

South Platte - Eleven Mile:

The Eleven Mile Canyon is fishing great! While conditions will change by the hour, trout are becoming increasingly eager and are hitting on a variety of flies. Flows have been somewhat erratic the last several days. However, no large swings in volumes were witnessed. Weekday’s will present the opportunity to cover a lot of water as it is often less crowded. That being said, the early hours have been the most productive. Start the morning off with a nymph rig and a small egg pattern, preferably orange trout beads. As air temperatures rise, switch to an emerger pattern as your second fly.  Be on the lookout for the sporadic midge hatch. Trout are very selective when it comes to dry flies so be keen on presentation making sure there are no kinks in your line and the float is natural.

Suggested flies: WD40’s, Olive RS2s, Chocolate Thunders, Purple Baetis

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