August 28, 2018

Once a year my family and I go to Swan Lake Montana for about 10 days to water ski, relax in the sun and drink beer. There we pray for sunshine and blue bird skies, but on the river we take joy in the company of overcast skies and low light. While there a number of fly fishing fundamentals (i.e. river flow, water temp, water clarity and air pressure) to consider, the condition of the sky is easily one of the most important of the bunch. Here’s why…

Trout are more active in low light:

Cloudy skies and better yet, overcast, are an anglers best friend. Cloud cover gives the trout a sense of protection from aerial predators as they are more sensitive to changes in light intensity thus giving them an advantage over their foe, the hawk. As a result, the trout will move about the water more willingly and feed more confidently. This combination of confidence and willingness gives anglers far better odds of landing a fish. Conversely, on blue bird days when there is not a cloud in sight, trout wi...

August 13, 2018

Six simple tips to keep in mind while fly fishing to ensure you respect the water and the anglers around you.

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