April 11, 2018

After being asked to write a blog for FlyCast, to be honest, I really struggled on what topic to focus on. It wasn’t until I realized that most information available to anglers is tailored towards those with either advanced expertise or those who have yet to wet a line. The most valuable information to anglers in their 1st through 4th year of fishing is largely ignored. After years of frustration stemming from the fact that everything I was reading was geared for someone with decades or more of experience, it has become my intention to compile some of the key tips we have learned over my past five years of fishing to provide information vital for the intermediate angler.

Part 1: Preparation

As I was preparing for my most recent weekend fishing trip, here is the list I pulled together of the gear that I packed with a little info/stories on why I made sure to include it with the gear I brought.

Fishing preparedness

  • Fishing license

    • Fishing licenses not only keep you from receiving...

April 3, 2018

One of the great things about the South Platte is the ability to fish numerous sections of water with each having its own unique set of characteristics. For the urban angler, you can fish the Denver South Platte near the confluence. However, if you’re looking to ditch the noise pollution there is Deckers, the Dream Stream, Eleven Mile Canyon and Cheesman Canyon all within roughly two hours of the city. The FlyCast crew recently had the opportunity to explore some of the South Platte’s most cherished waters so it only seemed fitting to present some of its key traits and how to have a productive day on one of Colorado’s most prized water systems.

Denver South Platte (DSP)

While this stretch has been nicknamed the “Confluenza” for its semi-dirty water and the occasional dead body, activist have worked tirelessly to clean up the water and restore aquatic life habitat. I am always impressed at the number of anglers on the water and the fish it produces. Like most of the South Platte, the DS...

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