March 14, 2018

Our trip to the Grape Creek, dubbed the "Grape Escape" by fellow FlyCaster Josh Ryon, was a huge success! It was the epitome of the FlyCast way of life. Not only did we explore one of Colorado's few remaining hidden gems, where the tourist were few and the fish were plenty, but we had a chance to generate some excitement around the sport for some of our newer FlyCast Lady Anglers.

March 6, 2018

It was a cold February morning and the crew was loaded up in the car with bright ambitions for a productive day on the Dream Stream. Travis, Josh and I hit the road early as it is imperative to stake your claim at one of Colorado’s more crowded fishing destinations. While it is no Deckers, the crowds can be a huge nuisance. I can’t tell you how many times I have been fishing the Dream and some disgrace of a fisherman walks through my hole or proceeds to fish it instead. I digress. That’s neither here nor there. On our way to the river, we conversed over the usual topics: where our next big fishing trip would be, favorite trucks, when Josh was going to pull the trigger and ask his now fiance to marry him and finally, Josh’s “go bag”. Ohh the “go bag”. Josh usually does most of the talking which is fine by me, but when he gets on a roll man it doesn’t stop. So the “go bag”, as Josh describes it, is an old army bag his grandfather gifted him that holds all of his fishing gear, waders, boo...

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