February 21, 2018

You’ve waited long enough! It is time to release our Blue River fly fishing reports and forecasts

The Blue River is one of my favorite Colorado fly fishing destinations! Not only can you catch trophy worthy trout within an hour and a half of Denver, but it offers a wide variety of landscapes and fishing conditions. Arguably, the most popular is the section near the outlets in Silverthorne, Colorado. Its’ ease of access and sizable trout can often lead to heavy angler traffic. However, this section is situated below the Dillon Reservoir and can be fished year round. There are a number of parking options, some more legal or acceptable than others. So, if you’re willing to risk a parking ticket like many anglers, you can park at the outlets and hurry down to the water. Instead, I would recommend driving past the outlets and parking under the bridge or along the access road.

Flashbacks Are Good For More Than Just Nymphs

One of my more memorable Blue fishing stories took place last year when...

February 7, 2018

After some intense recon and analysis, FlyCast has added the Eleven Mile Canyon (link to forecast) section of the South Platte River to its repertoire of Colorado fly fishing reports and forecasts. We are incredibly excited to make our latest forecasts public as we’ve thoroughly enjoyed fishing this unique tail water. Our intent, as always, is to provide up-to-date fly fishing information for a growing list of rivers in Colorado and we’re always looking for your suggestions. If you have a favorite river that we are not currently reporting on please shoot us a note at fishflycast@gmail.com and we’ll add your suggestion to the queue. For the purposes of this blog we will provide some background information on Eleven Mile Canyon as well as a few helpful fishing tips that have garnered success on this often tricky river.

February 2, 2018

Over the years of fishing one of Colorado’s most popular rivers, the South Platte Deckers, we’ve learned a number of things, but one thing is for sure, you can’t get too comfortable with the water flow. In the last two days, flows at South Platte Deckers jumped nearly 70 cfs to 215 cfs.  While that may not be out of the ordinary, it really changes things from a fly fishing perspective.  Ideally, we prefer flows in the 150 cfs to 160 cfs range but beggars can’t be choosers. On the bright side, increased flows mean previously settled nutrients on the river bed will have been kicked up providing a greater variety and quantity of food sources for trout. However, you will need to change the way you fish. Trout will continue to hold in the deep runs and pools, but will also spread out among the numerous eddies and along the banks. Tack on those split shots and get those flies down. If you think you’ve got enough weight, you probably don’t. From a non-flow perspective, cloud cover, rising air...

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