4 Reasons Fly Fishing Is Good For You

Photo Courtesy of Flying Giant Productions Until recently, fly fishing has carried a reputation of being a sport for old rich men. You know the guy I’m talking about: successful businessman who spends long weekends at his vacation cabin, fishing in goofy waders with a big ol’ hat. While big and floppy hats are making a comeback, the fly fishing demographic is changing. It’s now occupied with adventure and outdoor enthusiasts, ski bums biding their time until the slopes open and the fastest growing demographic, women. Believe it or not, fly fishing isn’t just an old man’s sport anymore. Hell, even fly fishing videos have become popular! Who would have thought that watching someone stand knee

Guide To Fly Fishing Warm Water

Let us start by saying that our favorite posts to write are fun and light hearted, but this one however, covers a timely yet serious topic that we hope everyone takes to heart. In order to enjoy fly fishing as much as we do, it is imperative to respect our surroundings and the fish we so long to catch. It’s that time of year again where we are shedding our coats and even waders to enjoy the warm air and water. While this is refreshing and enjoyable for the angler, the trout you are targeting often feel the opposite. Although the exact water temperature threshold is grey and often debated, there’s no argument that when the water gets too warm, trout become stressed due to the decrease in diss

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